For anyone in the iGaming scene, Casino Slots are a very common term. They’re used to refer to the online versions of casino floor based slot machines. These are, however, less restrictive as players can spin the reels from anywhere by simply visiting an online casino from their computers, tablets and even smartphones.

Types Of Online Slots

Online Slots come in a variety of forms. In this review, we’ll list some of the more common ones such as classic slots, video slots and progressive slots. Classic or 3 reel slots are so called because they have been designed to look similar to brick and mortar slot machines. They have a simple layout featuring statement symbols such as fruits, the BAR symbol, Lucky 7s and Bells.

Video slots have a large number of fans based on the number of possible paylines. A game can have anywhere from 5 paylines to thousands of paylines for you to win on. They are also sometimes called 5 reel slots. When playing any of the above-mentioned slots, players will come across progressive slots in the process.

Types Of Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are for those adventurous players seeking to try their luck at bagging the accumulated jackpot winnings. For everyone who plays that particular slot game, a percentage of their bet goes towards the jackpot prize, thus growing it. For these, the necessary wagers tend to be a bit higher, requiring players to place the maximum bet. Progressive slots payouts are awarded either randomly or based on winning symbol combinations.

Under progressives, players will find standalone, in-house, network and multiple progressive jackpots. Standalone progressives have a jackpot based on player bets from a single game. In-house progressives are slots from one casino or a group of casinos under one operator. These pay more since more games chip in toward the jackpot. Network progressives offer the most lucrative jackpots as they span a collective number of different casinos, all operating on the same platform. Finally, multiple progressives are slots that offer more than one jackpot to be won.

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Summary On Online Slots

Anyone looking to play some casino games should definitely try a few slots in the process. They come in a vast array of themes and designs all created for casino players looking to have fun while earning prizes. There are differently themed Online Slots, so you can rest assured that there is something that will appeal to your tastes. So sign up at an online casino today and try your luck. The jackpot might just be waiting for you.